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Granite Countertops in Charleston SC | Granite Depot of Charleston

Granite countertops in Charleston will add a stunning look and luxurious feel to any space in your home. Additionally, you may see as much as a 100% return on your investment if you decide to place it on the market. The natural appeal of this beautiful stone makes granite countertops in Charleston, SC one of the most popular choices for homeowners.

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What is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock found naturally around the world. This stone is composed of a variety of grains including compressed quartz, feldspar, mica, and other similar materials. This composition makes granite harder than other natural stones, like marble. This equates to a natural stone countertop that is more resistant to chips and scratches than marble.  

Because this is a natural stone, we highly recommended applying a high-quality sealant to your Charleston granite stone.  

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If you are making such an investment in your home, you want to protect your investment with a high-quality sealer. Granite Depot of Charleston offers one of the best sealers on the market combined with a superior 25-year warranty to protect the look and performance of your gorgeous new granite countertops in Charleston, SC for decades.

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Why Choose Granite?


Granite is an excellent choice for your Charleston, SC countertops, no matter what room you are remodeling. As one of the most beautiful materials available, nothing compliments quality cabinets better than a granite countertop. This natural stone is an excellent choice for adding distinctive aesthetics to your kitchen or bath with Charleston granite.

With proper care and maintenance, your granite countertops will offer versatility, superior performance, and decades of durability. Granite is scratch and heat resistant, making it the perfect choice for granite in Charleston, SC indoor and outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, and more!

More Reasons to Consider Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the hardest and strongest materials found in nature, with origins from the earth's core as liquid magma. As a porous material, granite is susceptible to staining, particularly true for lighter colors and white granites.

Staining can easily be prevented and controlled with the use of a high-quality sealant and proper maintenance and care. In addition, fabrication of this natural stone produces fewer carbon emissions, making granite countertops an eco-friendly material.

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Granite Colors


Versatile, resilient and naturally beautiful, Charleston granite is simply a dream for designers. No other countertop material can match the unique and luxurious look and feel of granite countertops in Charleston. Because granite is a natural stone, no two are alike.

Granite Depot of Charleston offers thousands of color options for your Charleston, SC granite countertops. These elegant and sophisticated stones display naturally formed veins which give each slab its unique and one-of-a-kind blend of hues and colors. You can find granite in just about every color in the palette including white, black, brown, beige, blue and even red!

Granite Kitchen Countertops


Granite countertops in Charleston, SC are a superior choice for kitchen designs , regardless of style and design. This natural stone can be found in all shades and hues, giving it the flexibility to match your granite countertops to any design. Granite can make a dramatic appearance, or blend perfectly with a sophisticated contemporary design.

Your natural stone countertop in Charleston, in terms of hardness, is only surpassed by diamond. With proper installation and regular care, your granite kitchen countertops in Charleston, SC. will be the last ones you will ever need. In addition, if you ever decide to sell your home, your Charleston granite countertops not only make your home stand out in a crowd, they will make your home more valuable.

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Granite Bathroom Countertops


Granite makes an excellent choice for bathroom countertops and vanity tops. This natural stone offers a truly unique and sophisticated look for your bath and vanity. With a high-quality sealant, your Charleston, SC granite bathroom countertops and vanity tops are easy to clean, needing only a mild soap and water. Your gorgeous new granite bathroom countertops will resist staining, as well as, bacteria growth, giving your space a timeless, easy-to-care-for bath and vanity surfaces for decades.

Why Choose Granite Depot of Charleston


For over a decade, Granite Depot of Charleston has been serving homeowners in Charleston and the surrounding areas with unparalleled customer service and superior workmanship. Our highly-trained and certified Charleston granite installation professionals are committed to understanding your specific needs and helping you to achieve the look and feel you've been dreaming of.

Our Design Specialists are eager to work with you, turning your dreams into reality. Contact us to speak with a design professional who is standing by, eager to answer any questions you may have. You can also schedule your no cost Granite Countertop consultation to discover how easy it really is to achieve your design dreams with gorgeous granite countertops in Charleston, SC .

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Getting Started


Getting started on your new granite countertops in Charleston, SC. is easier than ever with our simple process. If you have been dreaming of new granite countertops in Charleston for your kitchen, bath, or any other space, give Granite Depot of Charleston a call today! A Design Specialist will be assigned who will work with you for the duration of your remodeling project. Your specialist will work diligently to understand your specific needs and vision for the renovation.

After visiting your space and discovering your concepts, your Design Specialist will guide you through a personalized design with a quote for your project. After the designs are approved, your specialist will help you to choose your new gorgeous stone and edging that will perfectly complement your design and style. Your specialist will then schedule a time that suits your needs to create a template of your new granite countertops. Once your template is created, Granite Depot of Charleston will get started on your new granite countertops.

To get the fabrication of your natural stone countertops started, your stone slab will first be meticulously inspected for any defects. The template will be applied and cutting will begin. Edges will also be fabricated at this time. Once cut, your stone slab will be polished before its final in-depth quality inspection. One your stone passes all quality inspections your installation will be completed and you can enjoy your new countertops right away!


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"Granite Depot of Charleston lived up to all of their promises. I wanted a quartz kitchen and they truly delivered! I was sold with the first quartz slab I saw. The staff was super friendly and professional and they did a wonderful job during installation. "

BJJ Cantabria

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"The folks at Granite Depot of Charleston were very friendly and easy to work with. Honest service and they delivered my quartz countertops on time - not to mention at the best price, which no one could beat! I would highly recommend them!"

Malachy Friedman

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"I was so amazed at how quick the turnaround time was for my countertops. My sales associate was incredibly professional and took the time to really listen and help me choose exactly the right pieces. I would highly recommend Granite Depot for all your countertop needs! Thank you for the amazing experience and the gorgeous installation!"

Deb Jaccarino

Charleston, SC

"We recently upgraded our pantry with quartz countertops and Granite Depot of Charleston did an amazing job! Our countertops came out better than what we ever could have imagined. The installation team was great and you can't even tell where the two slabs meet in our L-shaped counters! I will definitely be using them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for new countertops!"

Jaime Roldan

Charleston, SC

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Ready for the kitchen of your dreams?

Ready for the kitchen of your dreams?


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