Your Dream Kitchen Awaits You

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Your Dream Kitchen Awaits You

Granite Depot of Charleston is a fabricator and installer of granite, marble, and quartz countertops in Charleston, South Carolina

Our Passion

granite marble quartz countertops granite depot of charleston sc

Gorgeous Granite Countertops

If you are dreaming of updating your kitchen or bath, granite countertops in Charleston, South Carolina are certainly worth consideration. There are many benefits this natural stone offers with ownership. From durability to value, granite countertops are perhaps one of the best investments you can make for your home. Granite countertops in Charleston add overall value to the home, and if you ever decide to move, you can be sure to see a significant return on your investment.

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Marvelous Marble Countertops

Marble countertops in Charleston, South Carolina offer a timeless, sophisticated look for any space in your home and can be integrated with any style or design imaginable. Available in a wide-ranging palette of colors and unique features, the benefits of marble countertops in Charleston simply can’t be beaten. Choosing to include marble countertops in your Charleston home may be one of the best decisions you could make. From indoor and outdoor kitchens to bathrooms and vanities, Charleston marble countertops add a gorgeous sophistication with impeccable performance.

Colorful Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops in Charleston, SC can take the aesthetics of any room to a completely elevated luxurious level. As one of the toughest materials available, your Charleston quartz countertops will offer decades of performance and beauty. Accentuating your space with quartz countertops will offer gorgeous aesthetics and superior performance for decades to come. From modern to contemporary or shabby chic, quartz countertops can offer cohesive look with unparalleled beauty and performance.

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We are passionate about bringing your dream kitchen into reality.

Why Granite Depot of Charleston

granite marble quartz countertops granite depot of charleston sc

Over 25,000 Satisfied

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20 Locations Across North
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Granite Depot of Charleston lived up to all of their promises. I wanted a quartz kitchen and they truly delivered! I was sold with the first quartz slab I saw. The staff was super friendly and professional and they did a wonderful job during installation.

BJJ Cantabria

Charleston, SC

The folks at Granite Depot of Charleston were very friendly and easy to work with. Honest service and they delivered my quartz countertops on time - not to mention at the best price, which no one could beat! I would highly recommend them!

Malachy Friedman

Charleston, SC

I was so amazed at how quick the turnaround time was for my countertops. My sales associate was incredibly professional and took the time to really listen and help me choose exactly the right pieces. I would highly recommend Granite Depot for all your countertop needs! Thank you for the amazing experience and the gorgeous installation!


Deb Jaccarino

Charleston, SC

We recently upgraded our pantry with quartz countertops and Granite Depot of Charleston did an amazing job! Our countertops came out better than what we ever could have imagined. The installation team was great and you can't even tell where the two slabs meet in our L-shaped counters! I will definitely be using them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for new countertops!

Jaime Roldan

Charleston, SC

Let our experienced team guide you through your project.

Our Charleston Showroom Location

granite marble quartz countertops granite depot of charleston sc

Granite Depot of Charleston

7318 Rab Dr
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 940-7492


Ready for the kitchen of your dreams?

Ready for the kitchen of your dreams?